Ashen CD


Blood Spilled (05:00)
Linger (03:59)
Lifeless, Deathless (03:56)
Withering (04:04)
Instill (04:42)
Labyrinthian (04:00)
Catastrophize (04:10)
Death Spiral (04:24)
Shell (03:58)
Passage (04:14)
Burden (01:15)
Bearer (03:46

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ASHEN, Humanity’s Last Breath’s fourth album will be out August 4th 2023, via Unique Leader Records.

Mixed and mastered by Buster Odeholm at Odeholm Audio
Written and produced by Buster Odeholm and Calle Thomér
Additional synths by Timothe Baque at Modern Nihilism Recordings
Vocals by Filip Danielsson & Buster Odeholm
Additional vocals on ‘Instill’ by Héli Andrea
Cover Artwork, design & layout by C. Saros / Saros Collective
Inspired by AI visuals provided by Humanity’s Last Breath
Additional Illustrations by Adrian Baxter
Merch Artworks & Designs by Caelan Stokkermans / C. Saros / Adrian Baxter & Olle Nordström

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